Victoria (Tori) & George

Victoria (Tori) & George

It’s fair to say that the days spent in Santorini prior to their destination wedding were emotional for Victoria (Tori) and George

For us to see that first hand and to witness how strong a unit they are and how their love will see them through difficult times was very moving.
Surrounded by their family and friends, everyone came together to ensure that it was truly a day to remember.
There were strong emotions it’s true, but also so much fun, happiness, love, joy and energy that it was impossible not to be swept along!!
It was wonderful to see the concepts and attention to detail that Tori wanted from her wedding come to life as the ceremony and reception venues were prepared; the result luxurious and elegant.

As with all of our weddings, we are truly blessed to work alongside fantastic and trusted vendors, who all work tirelessly to ensure that each part of the jigsaw is placed as it should be so that the overall picture matches the beauty and splendor that naturally occurs from the lady that is Santorini; our shining jewel.

We hope that this sample of photographs help to show the story of the wedding day; and how love shines, and fun glistens.
Thank you Tori and George for allowing us to be part of this event for you, we were blessed to meet you, your family and your friends.

See you again, with love Kirsty and Maria xx
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